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Currency USD USD SSH 1$ SSH 23,000 EUR EUR SSH 1€ SSH 24,000 GBP GBP SSH 1£ SSH 28.000
  • Somalia participates the 12th OIC Stock Exchanges Conference in Istanbul, Turkey
  • SSE is a proud Strategic Partner of EAIAC
  • Geoffrey Odundo CEO of NSE and Hassan Dudde of SSE
  • Welcome to Somali Stock Exchange

Welcome to Somali Stock Exchange

Historically trade in shares goes back in decades as traditionally shares are sold and bought through close network and informal way. The Somali Exchange aims to create a sufficient securities market where buyers of financial securities and buyers meet. The demand for capital is increasing by the day for Somali businesses both large and SME’s. Liquidity is very important in ant market in the world but it would be impossible to create liquidity without a market and market makers which is what the Somali Exchange facilitates.

According to latest statistics over 3 billion USD flows in to Somali every year a large stake of that cash is aimed for businesses.  Due to vast competition between start-ups few investor look to pay shares of the well performing companies that have a long term growth.


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